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Xspliffic Beats:

Our beatlabs are small and mobile. This allows for making music anywhere and anytime.

We have a studio set up on the west coast of Norway, and will soon have a mobile studio in Sao Paulo Brasil.

Experience from playing drums, organ, keyboards, synths,guitars and various blowing instruments. Enjoy spending the time fiddling around on the computers and DAWS and the other portable equipment we have available.  Contact us for customized beats or other music related services.

Xspliffic Productions:

Our team consists of experienced producers, web consultants and musicians. We are ready to deliver the next beat or tune for your new productions. We deliver customized beats on demand.

We can also deliver djs for parties, clubs and other events.

Currently based on the west coast of Norway, and are also setting up a mobile studio in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Akai MPD32

Akai MPK49

Akai MPC Studio

Akai Eie

Our labs